ChequePrinting.Net User Guide

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The Trial Version of ChequePrinting.Net provides same functionality as the registered version.

However, in Trial Version, you can only print 50 numbers of cheques.

To get rid of the restriction of Trial Version, you need to obtain a license and register your ChequePrinting.Net copy.


To register the ChequePrinting.Net,

(1) Go to menu "Help > Register", registration window is shown out.
Input License Id and Owner for Registration

(2) Fill in the "License Id" and "Owner" information and click "OK" to registere. Please ensure the internet connection when registration is in process. Afterwards, restart the ChequePrinting.Net to effective the license.

Note : If firewall is setup and block the connection of registration, the registration cannot be completed. In this case, you need to send the "License Id", "Owner" and "Key" information to technical support.
A "Disk Id" will send back, and you can fill in the "Disk Id" directly without connecting to the ChequePrinting.Net server for register.